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advertising doesn't work
"I've tried advertising, and it doesn't work." the owner of an auto repair business once chided me. On a few occasions, someone from a newspaper or a radio station had visited to lure him into advertising, and he bit. However, there wasn't the rush of customers he was expecting. In fact, he explained, he didn't see any increase in business while the ads were running. Without a plan, advertising isn't any more predictable than traveling without a map (or GPS).

Marketing, on the other hand, is exploring your business; it's knowing your competition. It's psychology and sociology. It's different media pulling together to move people. It's tracking successes. It's clever; it's fun. And most of all, IT WORKS when it's done right.

Vairenpoint Marketing begins with an objective, then studies and plans to achieve it. There are some pretty big tools that can help, but there are also a lot of important little things that make an impact.

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Solutions   to   Challenges
You   Face   Everyday

No one type of advertising is right for every situation. Heck, no single medium will always be the best use of your advertising dollars. And while most problems have multiple answers, they also can be more effectively solved through coordinated efforts. Marketing isn't automatic. It takes thought. What challenges are you facing? Whether your venture needs to attract new customers, manage transition or retain its positon as the industry leader, Vairenpoint Marketing is your ally. 


When   a   Plan
Comes   Together...

University of Northern Iowa's passport-themed Modern Languages brochures

Fun   and   Adventure

The University of Northern Iowa's Modern Languages Department requested a promotional brochure. Designer, Joshua Schneiderman put himself in a student's shoes. "why should I make Russian.... or Portuguese a central part of my studies?" Career opportunities, of course. But how do you grab their interest? The more immediate potential for travel would certainly get a teenager's attention. Schneiderman proposed photos of UNI students abroad in a passport-themed brochure to elicit their interest.

An illustration for the cover of AASCU's national publication

Legislative   Class

In their national magazine, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities addressed the shear number of proposed laws impacting higher education. They commissioned an illustration along that theme for the cover of this issue. Illustrator, Joshua Schneiderman wanted to get across the scale and slight uneasiness of the situation and proposed a composition where an uncomfortably large, but unassuming capitol mascot crowds students listening to a lecture.

scrapbook-themed brochure for GBPAC Kaleidescope Series of children's shows

Student   Work

For the Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center's Kaleidescope series of children's shows, the season brochure needed to appeal to the teachers who bring in groups of children. Vairenpoint's graphic artist drew graphics to look like staples, tape, stickers, highlighter pen, doodles and more, along with using "hand-drawn" typefaces to give the piece a look that might feel familiar to elenentary educators. At first glance, you'd be certain you were looking at a student's scrapbook.


Just   a   Few   of   the
Many   Tools   We   Use

business   guidance

Has it been a while since you wrote out your business plan? If you aren't in control, are you really ready to invite customers in?  More

identity   &   branding

When you have a look and message that are coordinated and consistant, you have the power to do more with less.   More

campaign   planning

Once we know our audience and our goals, what is the best way to communicate? We coordinate the message and the outlets, so it works. More

print   advertising

Media is changing, but print's certainly not dead. In fact, magazine and newspaper advertising can be great for targeting specific readers. More

direct   mail

Your ad delivered to homes and businesses may be the best way to ensure that you're seen. Grab their attention with a pitch that really resonatesMore

media   &   print   buying

There are so many outlets for your message, but there's only one name you need to remember: Vairenpoint Marketing works with them for you. More

web   design   &   seo

A beautiful web presence isn't everything. But if search engines aren't getting people to you, you are missing some of the best leads. More

social   media

Where else can you find new customers, build brand loyalty, earn referrals, receive feedback and put offers into the hands of eager patrons? More

illustration   &   photography

Not every picture is worth a thousand words, but the right image can really carry your message. And that's saying quite a bit. More


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About   Us

Vairenpoint Marketing partners with small businesses to help them plan for success. We do this through a process of studying the field, determining strengths and weaknesses, comparing those with the target customers' priorities and finding the best way to communicate an honest message. That is, in essence, our mission. Proper planning will help you focus your advertising efforts instead of scattering them. Planning helps you avoid distraction. Plans should be reviewed, and, at times, revised. They will guide you to smart business and marketing decisions. In the same vein, you'll avoid unwise moves that erode your marketing budget.

Business   Guidance

Maybe it's been a while since you wrote out your business plan. Do you still know your mission? Your vision? Has your competiton changed? A business guide could help you redefine your goals. Then, of course, work with you and your team to make them happen. Without getting your business back on track, marketing might be a bad idea.

identity   &   branding

With so many different media vying for a person's attention at any moment, you don't get long to make an impression. A unique and consistant look and message, carried from your logo to your slogan to ads, garments, menu, mailers, billboard, website, Facebook page and more will help you make the most of those brief impressions. Over time, the attributes of your brand will be larger and more permanant than any single advertisement.

campaign   planning

Once we know our audience and our goals, what is the best way to communicate? What will we say? How will we say it? Vairenpoint Marketing will coordinate the message and the outlets, so we are getting in front of the right people and saying the right things. This doesn't necessarily mean putting a lot of money into expensive ads. In fact, part of planning is making certain we're getting the most from the advertising budget.

print   advertising

Media is changing, but print's certainly not dead. Readers form relationships with their publications. When they read a newspaper or magazine, they are looking for information, and if you have a message that is in synch with what they're looking for, a printed advertisement can be right on target.

direct   mail

With databases to specify everything from location to age to income and more, direct mail gives you the opportunity to put your advertismenet straight into the hands of your target audience. Increase the effectiveness of a mailer by distributing your message to a list of your own customers. They've already chosen to patronize your business; invite them back.

media   &   print   buying

Vairenpoint Marketing has the figures to make informed decisions on radio stations, newspapers, magazines, television channels, websites and more. When you contact us, you won't get a sales pitch to push you toward one outlet or another. We are simply interested in getting the right message in front of the right people. And getting you the most for your advertising budget. Our customers don't worry about advertising sales people. They direct them to us.

web   design   &   seo

For most businesses, an effective website is one of the best marketing tools there is. You're able to deliver your message, your way to people interested in learning about you. Give them a general overview of your services or engage them with frequently updated information and offers, but don't let them come up empty when they go to search for you. They'll end up visiting your competition instead.

social   media

With the advent of social media websites, businesses are afforded new and more efficient ways to speak with customers who want to learn more about them. You can get instant feedback, suggestions, reviews, questions and kudos. And you can put offers and advertisements in front of individuals who have asked to hear from you. Many businesses are doing it. Very few are doing it well. We'd be happy to help.

illustration   &   photography

Not every picture is worth a thousand words. Some are hardly worth the paper they're printed on. If there is a reason to show a photograph of your business or your team, there's a reason for it to look its best. Beyond that, photos and illustrations help communicate a point that's specific to you. Stock images might occasionally pass, but when we put a professional behind the camera working for you, we can get the image to say precisely what's intended. Maybe an illustration would say it better? We have talented illustrators as well.

will   it   work   for   me?

We aren't proposing any specific marketing plan right now. We won't know how to achieve your objectives without first learning about your business, how you match up with your competition, your unique selling proposition, your target market, your specific challenges and more. We formulate a plan with all of this in mind. Then, once we implement the plan, we watch for signs to see if we've nailed it, or if we need to adjust our aim.

Nobody   knows   my   business   like   I   do

You're right! Nobody could know the business like you do. You have lived and breathed it. We aren't suggesting we know it better; we partner with the person who knows it best (you) to help clarify and achieve your objectives. With our marketing expertise, and your passion and personal knowledge, we make a powerful team.

Tied   up   in   advertising   contracts?

We realize you've likely worked with advertisers in the past. If you hadn't, you probably wouldn't realize the value that we offer. In fact, maybe you are in a contract with an advertising company or tied into other commitments right now. We'll take that into consideration when we're working on your plan. Maybe it makes sense to include those efforts in the new marketing plan. Maybe they are ineffective, and we can work with the company to free you from the contract. Even if you aren't in a position to hire us right now, we'd be happy to answer any marketing questions you have. Let's talk.

have   a   marketing   department?

Great! We would love to work with your marketing department. Hire us for a brainstorming session, let our creative department design your materials or ask us to handle your media contracts. There are dozens of ways Vairenpoint Marketing can work with your in-house team to achieve your business goals.

Can't   Afford   Marketing?

Marketing ought to be an investment, not an expense. It should be a way to achieve a goal. In most instances, that goal is, through one avenue or another, to increase revenue. You can't afford to put money toward ineffective marketing efforts - and you shouldn't. Put together a plan that gives you a good chance for success, then measure it's effectiveness. If you don't have time and money to waste, ask us to help.